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About Debbie Lewis

Welcome to my website.

My job takes me way beyond "riding instructor". Over the years, teaching horsemanship has opened up the opportunity to coach people to become better at many aspects of life. Working with horses brings out the best in all of us. It encourages growth in our character and relationships. I love my job. It is my passion.

I have been handling horses extensively for over 16 years and teaching horsemanship for well over 12 years.  It has been my privilege to learn from some of the best horse professionals in the world.   I have studied Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship  program through several certified Parelli instructors including Christi Rains, David Ellis, Mark Berry, Nita Jo Rush Dr. Grady Carter, Jerilyn Caldwell and Linda Parelli.  I have attended countless clinics all over the country including both Parelli Ranches.  My program references many publications during my teaching such as "Natural Horsemanship" by Pat Parelli.  It has been a wonderful journey with these fine instructors as well as home study material and tour stops provided by the Parelli Program. 

I have supervised equine breeding programs, kids riding camps, and boarding facilities in addition to helping hundreds of students improve their riding and horsemanship.  I have owned as many as 14 horses at a time.  Prior to my immerson in the world of horses, I raised 5 kids with my husband, Robert, whom I met while working as a computer programmer at EDS.  My equine partner is an Andalusion gelding named Udacio.  His "horsenality" is right brain introvert.  

It has been my experience that my students are receiving far more than riding lessons from our sessions together with horses.  I am so grateful for the wisdom that has been shared with me and for my beautiful equine partners who continue to stretch me and make me better. I would love to help you to have the same amazing experiences that I have had with my horses!


In addition to Horsemanship, I have a passion for wellness and helping others achieve optimun health.  I proudly represent Zeal for Life and Young Living Essential Oils. 

"Natural Horsemanship Lessons"

In a private or group setting I strive to teach students how to achieve a partnership with horses based on mutual trust, confidence, communication and respect.  This program offers education that will encompass the whole horse and quite often the whole human.  In addition to riding, this curriculum will cover subjects such as safety, ground work, barn chores, horse nutrition, hoof care, trailering horses, and tack.   Students will learn about mental and emotional issues that have to do with horses, such as fear and confidence.   


More about Natural Horsemanship     


"If given a little thought, a little understanding, and a little common sense, the horse gives back in full measure.  If the human can give 5%, the horse will come from the other side with 95%."   Ray Hunt from www.rayhunt.com




"The thing that I am trying to bring out here is this feel and timing.  I used to say all there is to it is feel, timing and balance.  I still can't improve on those three words, but there is so much that goes on within that." Tom Dorrance from www.tomdorrance.com

"Rather than using human logic, a true Horseman approaches a horse with an attitude and communication techniques that make perfect sense to the horse. A horseman understands horse psychology, how horses think and behave, and is able to use this knowledge for relating to and developing a horse." Pat Parelli from www.parelli.com


"How it Works

If a person asks the horse to do something and presents the request with patient expectation while observing the horse carefully, the horse willingly exhibits his natural inclination and ability to search for a release of pressure. The person must wait and watch for the instant the horse exhibits the slightest physical or mental change in response to pressure. This change may be a tipped ear, a look in his eye that softens, an exhale or a shift of his weight from one foot to another. Any of these responses warrant the immediate release of pressure, wherever it is exerted.

If the horse is released from this pressure, on time and each time that he happens to hit the desired response, he will adjust his future responses in a way that requires less and less pressure to produce swifter and more accurate results. When this starts to happen, a bond between the person and the horse begins to form. This approach to the horse’s mind is an essential element of truly good horsemanship and will lead a horseman to the ultimate privilege--the experience of reciprocal feel with the horse.

I do not think it is possible for a horse to deeply trust a person without this approach. Without trust, it is not a matter of if, but when there will be a wreck. It is inevitable.

Reciprocal feel begins to develop when force and haste are replaced with patience and the release of pressure at the slightest acknowledgement of your intent (to move the feet, lower
the feet, bend the body, stop the feet, whatever). That is how a horse learns to “feel of you” and that is how he learns to derive meaning from your physical touch or presence." by Leslie Desmond from www.lesliedesmond.com