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Lesson Program


I’m happy to offer a comprehensive lesson program for the serious Natural Horsemanship student.  Lessons unique to Natural Horsemanship will impart skills that will accelerate your progress with your horse by concentrating on your own personal development.  You will find that your own thinking and behavior affect your success with relating to your horse.  Therefore, this is a people training program as much as a horse training program and enhances the life of both.   This program has become my life long pursuit and mission.

Horsemanship develops mutual understanding between horse and human. Learning to ride is more than being a passenger on horseback.  Riding is only one part of a relationship with an equine partner. Horsemanship means learning about the horse and building a relationship with the horse, on the ground and in the saddle.

My program follows the principles described in Pat Parelli’s book “Natural Horsemanship”. 

Together with your horse this program teaches the Parelli Natural Horsemanship principles and methods to students of all ages. Learn more about Parelli Natural Horsemanship at www.parelli.com.

While lessons are extremely fun and enjoyable, again, my program is designed for serious and committed students only.   We will put the welfare of the horse first making sure to use the correct riding bio-mechanics to help the horse build muscle and athleticism for a lifetime of soundness.    

Even though this wonderful foundation has the potential to create a show quality horse and rider, my program does not focus on the competitive aspects of the sport.  My focus is primarily on the recreational and therapeutic value of horsemanship.