Debbie Lewis Horsemanship

"the horse experience that you have always dreamed of "

Experience Partnership, Harmony and Majesty


I would like to take the time to both thank and HIGHLY recommend Debbie Lewis to ANYONE looking to better their horse partnership or riding. I was lucky enough to stumble across her in looking for a natural horsemanship trainer, and my life has truly been changed and bettered for it. I came to her as an adult with no formal instruction whatsoever. I was very hesitant to show her where as I was at and see where I needed improvement. From day one Debbie made me comfortable. She's encouraging, supportive, and has an amazing ability to instruct you in a manner you grasp whatever you need to gain an understanding of. She is very humble and indescribably gifted as a teacher. She has a knack for dramatizing things so that you can visually grasp what will be or become a subtle cue. So often I found myself smiling at the progress I was enabled to make because of my lessons with her. The things you learn with her are forever, and the confidence she allows you to attain is priceless. Her passion for horses is inspirational and I feel so privileged to know her and be bettered as a horse-person because of her. Debbie, I cannot thank you enough for the time you've put into instructing me. I know that you only began, but the difference I feel is unreal. I am so grateful to you and I can only aspire to one day I have the same understanding you do. From the core of my being, I believe you are a very special person. It's because of you that I am able to trust my horse so fully. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I LOVE working with you and seeing the progress others make because of the extraordinary teacher and person you are.

Forever thankful,


If you have a love for horses, but fearful about any aspects of horsemanship, Debbie is the lady to go to!!!  My friend’s granddaughter was taking lessons and we went to a little “show” on a Saturday.  I was so impressed and got the bug again to be around horses.  I’m in my 60’s with rheumatoid arthritis and I called Debbie to see if it would be possible to take lessons.  She was so warm, friendly and reassuring that I took the plunge.  It was fabulous.  That was a year ago, and I’m still trying to do whatever I can around horses.  I haven’t ridden in a long time…it’s time to try again.  It’s a blast to visit her home – like going to a resort.   Children love Debbie and her love for them is phenomenal.  Meeting Debbie Lewis and spending time with her has been a blessing.  Lots of Love and Gratitude, Christie


Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your holiday workshop.  My daughter Sophia attended with the Fawcetts on January 3rd.  She had a wonderful time and has not stopped talking about about you and the horses.  Thank you for making her first horse experience so special.  The fact that she enjoyed herself so much although it was 30-40 degrees all day long says a lot for you and your teaching skills.  Thank you so much and I would recommend you to anyone! Sincerely, Penny    

Debbie Lewis has such a talent with horses and with people.  Just pulling up to her home I feel the stress of life’s busyness leave me – I get the feeling of being in a happier place – with fresh air and nature and animals!  Debbie has had such a positive influence on my girls.  They have learned so much from her – about riding and dealing with horses and being at one with nature.  They would love to spend everyday with her!   Gina